The founder of Tiny Robot, David Johnson, has a deep obsession with film and all it entails. Since the day he was born built in a hospital lab in the DC area his eyes have been glued to the tube. As a tiny robot child he even attempted to make his own films with Beta camcorders and Super8 film cameras. Don’t ask to see any of his early work. He’s terribly sorry about that time that he used his laser eyes to fry the neighbors microwave. It was for the sake of art.

David isn’t just interested in bringing your story to life, he’s also interested in getting that story to the people that need to hear it. An early adopter of social media, he understands the importance of connecting you with your audience. Your idea and message are important and Tiny Robot wants to make sure everyone knows that. Your bionic presence will be felt throughout the social universe.

What is Tiny Robot Creative? As you may have guessed, we are not tiny robots. Or are we? Through our love of all things cinematic and social, we’re here to bring you the very best in video production, photography, social media, and the media of the future. We dont know exactly what that might be. We’re robots humans, not time travellers.

Did we say love? It turns out, robots do have feelings after all.

Give us your ideas, your social, your video, and your photo, so that we can give them life and bring them to your audience.

Don’t have any ideas? That’s okay. We have plenty. We’ll use our tiny robot human brains to bring your brand to life and share it with the world.

Do you have products to sell but need better images to grab the attention of your customers? We’ll use our laser optic sight to give your products the perfect presentation.

Or perhaps you’ve got a great small business but are having a hard time getting noticed. No problem.  With our tiny metal hands we’ll mold your social presence and connect you with the right audience.

Do you have a seed, an idea, or a story that you’re struggling to put together? Allow us to assemble it in machine like fashion into a cinematic vision.

Be us robots or humans, allow us the pleasure of bringing our passion and expertise to your next big project.

We come in peace.

We are Tiny Robot. All your production are belong to us.